Why invest in film?

Unlike other investment areas, the film industry has seen consistent improvement and growth since the last economic crash in 2008 and indeed the previous stock market crash in 2000. In fact, demand has never been higher. Films can generate spectacular returns on investment over the short to medium term, much greater than many traditional investments. The film industry has shown little to no volatility, but steady growth over the last 20 years. It has also shown no correlation to the financial markets or general economic turbulence, making film a prized asset that can help balance your investment portfolio.

How and Why? In a word, technology.

  • The astonishing growth of online distribution and media companies, coupled with traditional DVD sales and new ways to consume entertainment via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, has generated a huge demand for quality content.
  • By utilising the latest advances in digital movie technology and applying modern techniques, independent film makers can now create movies with the look and feel of multimillion pound productions but where the actual production costs are considerably less.

Managing your film investments

Learn about the market

Making film investments could be new to you. We encourage anyone looking to profit from this exciting area to do their own research into the market and to Register Here for more information. Our service is free and there is never any obligation to invest. We welcome the opportunity to help you decide if movie investing is for you, or not.

Manage your risk exposure

All investments involve an element of risk and films are no exception. However, your exposure to risk can be reduced through various due diligence processes. These should include in-depth analyses of the budget, cast, storyline, technical crew, previous genre success and affinity with the latest cinematic trends. Risk can also be mitigated through projects that qualify for tax credits and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). When you Register Here, for free, we will send you our free guide to The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and The Seed Entreprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Build a portfolio

Film investments do not have to be limited to a singular investment vehicle. In fact, we recommend investors to avoid putting all their money into a single film, hoping it will prove popular. A better approach is to build a portfolio of films. This should include investing with several different producers and companies and exploring a wide variety of product options.

Film investments have virtually unlimited upside potential and investors pay NO Capital Gains Taxes on profits earned from successful EIS film companies. Click here to find out more.