Since launching the company in 2009 , we have built up a track record of success. Our approach has led to the successful production, completion, international sales and releases of 30 films already. Our proven expertise and knowledge follows five simple steps:

1- Film Selection

Using our in-house and outsourced expertise, we carefully select and invest in the most appropriate new film projects. Using detailed viability studies developed over many years, we are able to ascertain whether or not a script can become a feature length movie on a budget that would allow the production the best possible chance of earning back high returns.

2- Member Communications

Becoming a Templeheart Films member means being kept up-to-date with investment opportunities as soon as they arise. This means that all our members are provided with detailed information about new film projects very early on in the pre-production process, meaning that investment opportunities can be made available at the best possible time.

3- Film Portfolio Options

Members have a variety of EIS qualifying films to quickly build up their portfolio. Templeheart Films provide members with all the information they require to make their own portfolio choices. We only work with EIS qualifying companies, which means investors can take comfort that the films they have invested in have HMRC assurance for the most generous tax benefits. Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it is crucial for investment strategies to spread the risk and increase the chances of success by choosing a variety of projects to build a portfolio of movies.

4- Film Status Updates

We are here not just to help you make your investment choice, but also to ensure that investors are informed throughout the filmmaking process. There is no need for our members to chase producers. That’s what we’re here for! We update investors throughout the lifetime of a project - whether it’s production schedules, dates to visit the sets, news about the film, or information on the premieres, distribution deals and royalty payments.

5- Share of Profit

All parties benefit from successful projects and share in all profits made from the film. The best bit is that at Templeheart Films there are no membership fees and we don’t charge any fees to invest.

What is in it for us?

Put simply, improved leverage and risk reduction. By growing our community of members, the films we support get financed and finished more quickly. The number of films we may produce increases, and our budgets have greater flexibility. This lowers individual risk, increases the potential for profits and generates a faster turnaround on the productions.

Interested? Then become a member today and Register Here. There are no registration or membership fees. Registering will give you access to our Premiere Portfolio, a Free Guide to The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and you can speak to an advisor immediately. We are always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have.