Who we are

Templeheart Films was established to provide information and transparency about the film industry and provide an opportunity for investing in films. For the past 15 years, we’ve helped to finance, develop, produce, market, sell and distribute more than 30 movies, some award-winning and all of them sold internationally.

Our purpose is to simply bridge the gap between investor and producer. We do this by providing detailed information on every project, from start to finish. We scrutinise every aspect of potential projects and only share the details of those that we think will make a viable proposition for investors.

We are diligent in our approach to managing risks and budgets, and we look for efficiencies in time and costs. We are also extremely proficient at making low and even micro-budget films look like higher cost productions. We manage every aspect, from the script development, production and financing, to the marketing, sales and distribution. Our excellent contacts in sales, distribution and film festivals around the world means that we’re able to secure international releases on all our titles.

Above all, we pride ourselves on our transparency and open communication with investors. We know the film industry inside out and will help you to develop your own understanding of how it can work for you. We want you to make evidence-based, informed choices and the right decisions for you.

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You can also contact Charlotte or Mara, who will be happy to assist with any inquiries on the email addresses below:
Charlotte Galvin - charlotte@templeheartfilms.com
Mara Oltean - mara@templeheartfilms.com

Templeheart Films makes investing in film simpler than you think.