White Collar Hooligan

  • Directed by:Paul Tanter
  • Produced by:Simon Phillips
  • Written by:Paul Tanter
  • Cast:Nick Nevern, Simon Phillips, Peter Barrett, Rita Ramnani, Billy Murray, Rebecca Ferdinando
  • Locations:London and Amsterdam
  • Status:Released
  • Release Date:08-07-2012

White Collar Hooligan, tells the story of Mike Jacobs, a man who’s life is going slowly nowhere until he bumps into an old school mate Eddie, during a street fight after a football match. Eddie is a full time criminal, running gangs of credit card fraudsters, who regularly empty cashpoint machines of thousands of pounds using skimmed credit cards.  Under Eddie’s guidance Mike is slowly drawn into this criminal underworld, tempted by the easy money, flash cars and champagne and coke lifestyle. 

Based on a true story, White Collar Hooligan explores how a man’s life can spiral rapidly out of control, after making a one small fateful decision.