The Tombs

  • Directed by:Dan Brownlie
  • Produced by:Rachel Gold
  • Written by:Michael William Smith
  • Production Company:The Attraction Movie Limited
  • Cast:Jessica Ann Brownlie, Anthony Ilott, Jessica Cameron, Chris Simmons, Marcia Do Vales, Ayvianna Snow, Barry Jay Minoff, Danielle Harold, Devora Wilde, Jess Impiazzi, Carl Wharton
  • Locations:London, UK
  • Status:Released
  • Release Date:09-03-2020

A live streamed, publicity stunt, filmed inside London’s most famous scare attraction takes a terrifying turn as the event awakes an evil spirit. Something relentless and seemingly unstoppable starts stalking the celebrity guests through the claustrophobic halls of this maze of terror.