The Reverend

  • Directed by:Neil Jones
  • Produced by:Neil Jones and Stuart Brennan
  • Written by:Neil Jones
  • Production Company:Burn Hand Productions
  • Cast:Rutger Hauer, Emily Booth, Tamar Hassan, Doug Bradley, Marcia DO Vales, Stuart Brennan, Helen Griffin
  • Locations:Wales
  • Status:Released
  • Release Date:05-08-2012


A newly ordained priest is assigned to his first parish, a quiet picturesque village in a remote part of the countryside.

The locals are friendly and amicable bunch, but the Reverend soon begins to suspect a prominent local businessman may be a gangster and all is not as it seems on the village's placid surface.

One miserable stormy evening, a strange woman knocks at the door of the Chapel. Soaked to the skin and trembling with cold, she is taken in by the Reverend. His act of kindness, is rewarded with a vicious bite to the neck causing him to collapse unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

When he wakes, he can find no trace of the mystery woman and is overcome with an unquenchable thirst for vengence. He sets off to purge the village and the neighbouring estate of undesirable criminals.

The Reverend is a fictional tale, which takes inspiration from the Bible's book of Job. Filled with remarkable imagery and a whole host of stars including Rutger Hauer, The Reverend is a thrill ride of vampires and holy retribution!