Deadly Virtues

  • Directed by:Ate de Jong
  • Produced by:Elisar Cabrera, Elliot Grove
  • Written by:Mark Rogers
  • Cast:Sadie Frost, Edward Akrout, Matt Barber and Megan Maczko
  • Locations:London
  • Status:Released
  • Release Date:07-09-2015

Late Friday night. A mysterious Man silently enters a couple’s house using a clandestine key. He finds the couple asleep in their bedroom, overpowers them and binds them in intricate Japanese inspired bondage knots. The husband, Tom is then dragged into the bathroom where he is systematically tortured.

The wife, Alison, is too frightened to resist the Man and the Man is in no hurry. He has time on his side – all weekend.

The Man plays a series of mind games – each one bringing the husband and wife closer together, united and paralysed in fear. Or are they? The Man forces them to cross moral barriers and strips them bare.

The Man confronts the couple with their sordid secrets. Husband Tom has had a real hold over his wife. Tom has been subjecting Alison to a series of sexual rituals against her will. He is also holding his own dark secret – a secret the mysterious man knows.

The question is who will Alison side with? And to what extent do we, the audience believe in justice?

Deadly Virtues: Love Honour Obey is an intelligent psychological thriller, where the writer deliberately challenges the audience's allegiance with the principle characters.