Studio Canal and WTFilms Partner On Genre Slate

  • Posted On:March 21, 2024

The agreement will see StudioCanal and WTFilms collaborate in the development, production and distribution of action, thriller, science fiction and horror films over a period of at least two years.

StudioCanal will act as a co-producer and distributor for WTFilms projects selected during that time.

The new collaboration sprang from StudioCanal’s successful partnership with WTFilms on Xavier Gens’ action thriller Mayhem!, which was a festival hit last year and was picked up by IFC Films for the U.S.

 “The success of Mayhem! reinforced our choice to focus our production projects on genre, ranging from action to thriller and horror,” said WTFilms co-founders Dimitri Stephanides and Gregory Chambet. “Since its beginning, the DNA of WTFilms has been closely linked to our personal taste for this cinema. Today, we are very enthusiastic about the idea of plowing this furrow with StudioCanal, whose ambitions in this area align with ours and those of many talented directors, to produce films with strong commercial potential both in France and abroad.”

The WTFilms deal follows StudioCanal’s launch of its own still not named genre label, which will see ‘Paddington’ producer Jed Benedict heading it up. Jed Benedict and StudioCanal’s French production team will work with WTFilms under the scope of the new partnership.

“The WTFilms teams are experts in their field and enthusiasts of genre films, who will bring a lot to StudioCanal,” said WTFilms’ François Mergier, director of French production, and Assia Barge, head of French production, who negotiated the agreement. “This partnership is so promising, and we hope to bring incredible genre projects to audiences worldwide in years to come!”