Oppenheimer Is The Highest-Grossing WWII Film In History

  • Posted On:August 15, 2023

The three hour long biopic Oppenheimer was released in the cinemas last month it follows the trials and tribulations of theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer (played masterfully by Cillian Murphy) and the invention of the atomic bomb. 

According to the most recent projections by Box Office Mojo, Oppenheimer  has now surpassed the previous record-holder, Dunkirk, which is also directed by Christopher Nolan and which gained $527m at the global box office. Dunkirk also starred Cillian Murphy with Tom Hardy and Harry Styles, and is set in the backdrop of the Dunkirk evacuation during the Battle of France.

In an interview with The Independent Christopher Nolan said regarding the $100 million budget “The film I wanted to make couldn’t have been done smaller. It’s not about money, it’s not about budget – the magnitude of the story is what attracted me to it. The fact that Oppenheimer and his fellow scientists couldn’t completely eliminate the possibility that they might set fire to the atmosphere and destroy the entire world, but still triggered the test – the idea of someone taking that risk on behalf of all of us and all our descendants. There’s nothing bigger than that.”

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