'57 Seconds’ Starring Morgan Freeman And Josh Hutcherson

  • Posted On:July 27, 2023

The film ’57 Seconds’ is based on E.C. Tubbs’ short story ‘Lucifer’, Josh Hutcherson stars taking on the role of  Franklin, a man whose interview with tech mogul Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman) inadvertently leads to his discovery of a ring with the power to take the wearer precisely 57 seconds back in time. It’s all fun and games at first, but the tables soon turn as Franklin determines with Burrell to use his time-constrained powers to help get revenge on the pharmaceutical company responsible for his sister’s death, things get complicated.

’57 Seconds’ is expected in US cinemas and on demand on 29th of September 2023, with no date set for the UK release as of yet.

To check out the trailer please click the link below: