Did Someone Say A Peaky Blinders Movie?

  • Posted On:July 12, 2023

There has been speculation for some time now of a feature film being made and it seems as though those rumours were indeed true.

Executive producer Steven Knight recently collected the TRIC Award for Best Drama for Peaky Blinders, teasing further possibilities for the Peaky Blinders universe. He said: “We could never have predicted how much this series about Birmingham ­gangsters in the 20s and 30s would resonate. Some things just seem to have momentum and luck, and they stick, and everyone working on them feels that. What is coming next? It’s to be announced. But it’s not the end.”

It's safe to say that plot details for the film have been kept a closely guarded secret for now but he also revealed that there will be some new characters for fans to meet and that the film is set in the Second World War. He said that it will be "the same but different" and that viewers should "expect the unexpected".

Unfortunately, there's still no confirmed release date for the Peaky Blinders film, although Steven Knight revealed in an interview last year that he hoped to be shooting "within 18 months" suggesting that the film could be shot by the end of 2023, making a late 2024 cinema release date seem likely.

Plot details for the film have been kept a closely guarded secret for now but we do have a few hints about what to expect.

While it’s not officially confirmed, an interview with director Anthony Byrne (who directed all episodes in season 5 and 6) for The Times said about the film: "Myself, Steve and Cillian are talking about it right now. It’s the next job for us and will continue the story of Tommy Shelby."