Trailer Lands For David Earl’s New Comedy ‘Apocalypse Clown.’

  • Posted On:July 10, 2023

David Earl's last feature was a huge hit and was nominated for a BAFTA, ‘Brian and Charles’ where it sees David Earl’s character building a sentient robot with a washing machine for a tummy. In his new film he plays Bobo, a clown who pines after his ex-partner Jenny (Amy De Bhrún) and tags along with fellow clowns Funzo (Natalie Palamides) and Pepe (Fionn Foley). Food is scarce, and opportunities for custard pies in the face are scarcer still. There’s good news among the whole societal collapse thing though. Now everyone who’s still alive can’t get on TikTok, or anything else, for that matter, the clowns spot a chance to form a troupe to make themselves indispensable to humanity again. “Everything is obsolete,” says Bobo, “except us!” Bobo also spies a chance to try to convince his old flame Jenny that he’s worth getting back with for the remainder of their squalid, desperate existences.

The film is directed and co-written by George Kane.  ‘Apocalypse Clown’ Lands in cinemas on the 1st of September 2023

To check out the very worthy film trailer and if you are up for a few laughs along the way, click on the link below: