Templeheart Attend PitchFest

  • Posted On:October 30, 2019

What is PitchFest? An opportunity to meet and chat with powerful Agents, Executives and active Producers; the people who have the power to make your project happen.

Sixty professionals from over 50 companies heard pitches in 2018 at the London Screenwriters Festival, leading to hundreds of script requests. 

If you have a project you are trying to get out there, as an LSFAcclereate delegate, you have the opportunity to pitch your project to agents, producers or commissioners in one of the pitching sessions.

This means face-to-face time with the very people who could launch your career, option your script, or offer insight into your projects and how to improve your pitching techniques.

There really are some fantastic industry members this year, to see the list please follow the link below:


To find out more about the festival and how it works please visit the main website on:


Templeheart films always find this kind of networking extremely valuable and having the right pitch is more important than you think.  We look forward to hearing some wonderful pitches and maybe optioning a script or two.