Record Breaking Super Mario Bros Movie

  • Posted On:April 11, 2023

The highly anticipated family movie ‘Super Mario Bros’ has shot to the top of the global box office, taking $377m (£304m) worldwide on its opening weekend.

The new film is an origin story about how Brooklyn plumbers Mario, voiced by Chris Pratt, and Luigi (Charlie Day), fall into a rogue pipe and wind up in a world populated by Nintendo’s most famous characters.

US cinemas recorded $204.6m in box office sales, with a further $173m rolling in overseas.This figure means ‘Super Mario bros’ has broken the record for opening weekends for both video game adaptations (beating Warcraft’s $210m) and animated films (beating Frozen 2’s $358m).

This box office news also makes it the biggest opening of the year, pushing ‘Ant-Man’ down into second place, and the second biggest three-day US animated opening (behind Finding Dory).