British Film ‘Love Without Walls’ Signs With Bulldog

  • Posted On:April 03, 2023

‘Love Without Walls’ had it’s British film Premiere and won Best UK Feature at the Manchester Film Festival just a few weeks ago. 

‘Love Without Walls’ follows an aspiring musician and his partner who, unable to pay their London rent, find themselves living on the streets. Though frustrated, their good humour and positivity land them odd jobs and a temporary shelter. 

A story of love, hope and survival in the darkest of times.

Niall McNamee and Shana Swash star in the film, as we; as Paul Barber, Adam Deacon, Sheila Reid, Theo Ogundipe and Amy Molly.

The film has a fantastic soundtrack of original music primarily written and performed by the lead actor Niall McNamee.

The film was written and directed by Jane Gull and produced by Karen Newman.

This is the second feature for Jane Gull, who previously made ‘My Feral Heart,’ in 2016.

‘Love Without Walls’ will be released in the UK on the 9th June.

Watch the trailer on the link below: