Seth Rogan Is Donkey Kong

  • Posted On:January 30, 2023

This quick and interesting clip gives the viewer a look at the film's upcoming power ups, with Mario suiting up as a cat to do battle. It also lets us hear Seth Rogen's take on Donkey Kong. 

Thanks to this latest clip, we have now heard most of the film's lead cast in their roles. Here, we see Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) drop into an arena filled with 'Question Mark' boxes. His first tussle with DK ends with him getting a savage beat-down, but Mario then bumps a box and becomes 'Cat Mario' – only to receive further scorn from Donkey Kong, the character he first faced back in 1981.

The movie is due for release on the 7th April 2023 and should keep the kids happy for a couple of hours, at least. 

Click on the below link to watch the clip