Top Gun: Maverick Is Biggest Paramount Movie In 110 Year History

  • Posted On:August 09, 2022

The sequel to Top Gun is now in its eleventh week of it’s release and has added $7 million to its total putting the film at number seven in the top highest ranking films at the domestic box office, pushing down Titanic to eighth place. Top Gun: Maverick is now creeping up on sixth placed Avengers: Infinity War at $678 million and Black Panther at $700 million. There is still time for the film to move further up the ladder potentially to as high as fifth place.

Top Gun: Maverick is only the 12th film to ever cross the $600 million mark in the U.S.A. Internationally, it holds the number three spot for the studio's highest-grossing titles ever, which again is another huge milestone for the company, especially during COVID-19 pandemic times.

On top of this, in 28 overseas markets, including France, Australia and the UK, the film is the biggest Paramount live action movie ever.

Take a look at the top U.S. lifetime grossing films below:

 Top Lifetime Grosses 

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens' ($936m)
  2. Avengers: Endgame ($853m)
  3. Spider-Man: No Way Home ($804m)
  4. Avatar ($760m)
  5. Black Panther ($700m)
  6. Avengers: Infinity War ($678m)
  7. Top Gun: Maverick ($662m)
  8. Titanic ($659m)
  9. Jurassic World ($653m)
  10. The Avengers ($623m)