100th Anniversary Logo Published By Warner Bros.

  • Posted On:March 23, 2022

Warner Bros. released its special “100 Years of Storytelling” version of the classic logo on Wednesday. The logo now includes the studio’s iconic WB water tower. The release of the 100th year logo came alongside an announcement that the studio will roll out commemorative products, content and events in the months leading up to its 100th anniversary in April 2023, a years worth of celebrations for a company which is 100 years old has definitely been earned.

Warner Bros. announced, “Starting at the end of this year, and throughout 2023, Warner Bros. centennial celebration will include a fully realized, fan-focused campaign involving every division of the Studio — film, series, consumer products, video games, themed entertainment, studio tours, live events and more — as well as its Studios and Networks sister companies, including HBO Max, the TNets (TNT, TBS and truTV), WarnerMedia Kids, Young Adults & Classics (including WB Animation, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and TCM) and others.”

Exact details regarding the celebrations and activities will be released by the company in the coming months but it has been said via ‘Variety’ they include commemorative product launches, classic films released in theatres, special content releases including Warner Bros. retrospective consumer live event experiences and a special celebration on the Warner Bros. lot.

Ann Sarnoff, chair and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group said “We’re so excited to kick off the activities around this historic anniversary and share this commemorative logo with our fans and content partners around the centennial celebration of one of the world’s greatest entertainment studios,” she continued with: “Throughout Warner Bros.’ history, its films and TV shows have been recognized as the gold standard of storytelling, and it was important to us to highlight the fact that telling stories that move the world is at the heart of everything we do.”

WarnerMedia’s Warner Bros. was founded by Albert, Sam, Harry and Jack Warner, and incorporated on April 4, 1923. Before it turns 100 next April, the studio will change hands, as current owner AT&T is just weeks away from closing a deal to spin off WarnerMedia to Discovery. The completion of that transaction will result in the new company Warner Bros. Discovery.