Ready Player One Sequel To Be Made

  • Posted On:December 21, 2020

Exciting news for fans of the Sci-Fi movie Ready Player One, as the sequel is in development according to the author Ernest Cline. 

It’s been nearly 10 years since the Ready Player One novel was released, where it caught the attention of Steven Spielberg and he set his sights on directing the big screen adaptation, which hit the cinemas in 2018. The movie itself received a mixture of reviews but overall the film was a big success for Warner Bros, as it earned over $580 million at the box office alone. 

Ernest Cline was in the middle of writing the sequel novel when the novel Ready Player One became a success. He announced Ready Player Two in 2015. The second novel has now been released leaving fans diving back into the next chapter of Wade Watt’s story and wondering what the future may hold for the movie.

Ernest Cline is currently doing the press rounds for the release of the sequel novel and that comes with the territory of addressing if the novel will be made into a movie. During a recent interview with Inverse, Ernest Cline confirmed the development of the movie. It’s still at the very early stages and yet to be announced by the studio but the author does believe that the majority of the original team will be returning. 

The plot for the sequel starts shortly after the events in the fist book/movie. Wade Watt learns of a new secret invention from the Oasis creator James Halliday. The Oasis Neural Interface allows users to experience the Oasis with all five senses and record their real-life experiences. The popularity of ONI leads to a new riddle planted in the OASIS by James Halliday to appear, sending Wade Watt on a quest to recover the Seven Shards of the Siren’s Soul. 

It has not been said if Steven Spielberg will return to direct the sequel, although he probably already has ideas for the movie as he did help Earnest Cline with the writing of the novel of Ready Player Two. Tye Sheridan has already expressed hope in returning for the sequel whilst Olivia Cooke has also confirmed she is contracted for the sequel.