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    Qualified HMRC Film Tax Credits Plus SEIS and EIS
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    Investing with Templeheart Films to help your alternative investment portfolio

What can film investment offer?

As well as opportunities for investors to visit the film sets, meet the cast and crew and be invited to film premieres, film investment can provide a viable, diverse and potentially very profitable addition to your investment portfolio.

Templeheart’s experience in structuring investment in film projects intelligently, significantly reduces the investors exposure and can lead to generous returns on such investments.

Using HMRC approved EIS incentives and film tax credits offers a reliable way to manage investment risk. Combine this with tax free profits on EIS qualifying investments, and you’ll start to see the growing attraction of film investment, as an integral part of portfolio management.

Why Templeheart Films?

Using in-house expertise, Templeheart Films carefully select and invest in new film projects.

Templeheart Films offers a managed solution for anyone wishing to invest in independent films. We understand that movie investments can seem bewildering at first, so our focus is on guiding and supporting investors through the process. Communication and transparency is key and Templeheart Films provide an unparalleled service to investors in both respects.

Templeheart Films was established to make profitable feature length films. We select only the movie projects that we believe are able to produce great returns on our investments. We know the independent film industry inside and out and we have long-established relationships with production companies, sales agents and film accountancy firms. Through living and breathing film production and investments on a daily basis, we are able to keep up with this ever changing industry and provide recommendations and strategies to our members.

Templeheart Films is an independent company. We are not tied to any specific film producers. We have freedom to move within the film industry and to hand pick projects that can more likely lead to financial success. We choose films that have a widespread appeal for international audiences. Our formula for managing risk and our ability to select commercially viable films is second to none.

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