Mental Health Survey and Fundraising Campaign Launched By U.K. Film and TV Charity

  • Posted On:June 07, 2022

The first Looking Glass Survey in 2019 showed that there was indeed a mental health emergency happening behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema, with a staggering 9 in 10 respondents to that survey confirming that they had experienced a mental health problem. After that survey, The Film and TV Charity launched a Bullying Advice Service, a Freelancer Wellbeing Hub, and several practical tools and resources, all available through the charity’s website.

The 2021 survey, which can be found below, focused on how industry workers were responding to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this survey revealed that only one in 10 people agreed that the industry is a mentally healthy place to work. However, there were also signs of a change starting to take shape, with the members completing the survey recognizing that conversations around mental health, culture, and working conditions were starting to take root.

The charity has launched further interventions, including its ‘Whole Picture Toolkit’, for mentally healthy productions,  it aims to “support and enable healthy working practices” within the industry and to destigmatize poor mental health caused by working in the industry. Which is a free online resource, information relating to this is provided on the link below:

The CEO at The Film and TV Charity, Alex Pumfrey, said in an interview: “We hope that everyone, from every corner of the industry, will complete this third Looking Glass survey. The data it returns is crucial for helping us – and the wider industry – to understand how we need to improve ways of working and the support people need. Much progress has been made but we also know much more needs to be done. Also donating to support us in delivering those services is an act of community and generosity which we know all our beneficiaries are incredibly grateful for.” He continued with: “We’re asking everyone across film, TV, and cinema to take on this challenge by sharing the survey with their colleagues; tell us how you are feeling and what you need,” Pumfrey added. “And while we completely understand that many are feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis at the moment, donations from those who are able to help can make a powerful difference to so many people working behind the scenes.”

All donations made by individuals and organisations across the industry will help to ensure that the charity can continue to deliver support to people working in film, TV, and cinema.

The survey can be completed on the link below

Donations can be made on the link below