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Templeheart Films Do Tough Mudder For Charity.

10 July 2018

What is Tough Mudder? It’s probably one of the toughest and gruelling event’s. It is an 8 mile mud run and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. It’s a challenge that emphasises teamwork and camaraderie.


So far we have raised £895 from our target amount of £1,000. So, we are having one last push to try and reach our goal. It would be wonderful if you could consider supporting our cause: Donations can be made through the following link


Lyndon Baldock and Marcia Do Vales completed the Tough Mudder Full – North London.


Paul Sandhu completed the Tough Mudder Half – North London

We at Templeheart Films know all too well the devastation that can be caused from illness that effects the mind, from those who are suffering and their loved ones. For our friends and family and for those who have been through the trauma of this illness, we want to do whatever we can to help.


More than 850,000 people live with dementia in the UK and that number is rapidly rising.

At £24 billion each year, dementia costs the UK economy more than cancer and heart disease combined but over two thirds of the care for patients with dementia is paid for by themselves or their family. 

·         £20 could fund one hour of vital research

·         £50 could provide access to specialist equipment for studying cells

·         £120 could support complex protein analysis

·         £300 could pay for a genetic test to help identify risk genes


Although, many of us know from personal experience, there is a far greater number of us 'living with dementia', without having these group of symptoms ourselves. 



We thank you for reading our article and hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to support these charities.


Inclusion Report Released: Women Directed Just 16% Of Feature Films Last Year

25 June 2018

In a statement released by Directors Guild of America’s President Thomas Schlamme, he said “Outrageous that we’re once again seeing such a lack of opportunity for women and people of colour to direct feature films. Our new study shows that discriminatory practices are still rampant across every corner of the feature film business. These numbers hit home how the chips are stacked against women and people of colour. We dug into our proprietary data to see if we could isolate areas that were bright spots or especially problematic. But as we kept going, it became clear that no matter how you slice the 2017 numbers, the outcome is virtually the same. There is a misconception that things are better in the smaller, indie film world, but that’s simply not the case. From financing and hiring, to distribution and agent representation, every aspect of the entire system disadvantages women and people of colour”’ 


Over the 651 films in the report, there were 114 female directors and 577 male directors (the total number coming to 691, as several films were directed by the same person). The percentage is even lower for studio productions that grossed more than Ten Million Dollars, with only seven female directors making up Ten Percent and a staggering 60 male directors taking 90 percent.


It’s been 4 decades that Directors Guild of America have been fighting with the film industry for inclusion which seems to be a battle that’s not going to be overcome just yet. As Thomas Schlamme states “Change is long overdue.”


We at Templeheart Films pride ourselves in creating equal opportunities for all. 


Derranged (2012) was Marcia Do Vales producing debut and the film has a strong female cast. This film was also shot in Spain with a mostly Spanish crew. Marcia is one of the producers on Templeheart's new supernatural horror, 'Heretiks'.


The Seasoning House (2012) The original concept and script came from writer Helen Solomon and the film gave Rosie Day her first starring role in a feature film. Rosie's career has gone from strength to strength and she has just directed her first short movie.


The Zombie King (2013) was Rebecca-Clare Evans and Jennifer Chippindale’s first feature as producers. Rebecca & Jennifer were also two of the writers on the film. After having given Rebecca her first opportunity, she has since gone on to win awards for her producing including a British Independent Film Award in 2017.


The London Firm (2014)  was Laura Cakebread’s debut feature as a producer, although Laura has worked on previous films for Templeheart as associate producer and line producer.


Zombie Spring Breakers (2016)  had a great mix of diversity on screen as well as the crew.


Being Keegan (2017) This multi award winning short film has a wonderfully strong female led team. Director/Producer Stephanie Zari, Producer Jennifer Monks and writer Jilly Gardiner. 


Heretiks (2018)  has an amazing female driven cast, including Hannah Arterton, Clare Higgins, Rosie Day, Sarah Malin, Emily Tucker, Ania Marson, Sian Breckin, Katie Sheridan, Amelia Bennett, Bethan Walker and many more.


Future TX (2019) This film which is in pre-production will be edited by the talent Laura Johnson and the child actor Adele Congreve will be seen in her debut feature role.


Blank (2019) Our Sci-Fi Thriller which is currently in pre-production of the second phase of the shoot, has an almost all female cast, which has seen the talent child actress Annie Cusselle taking on her first feature film role as well as being Natalie Kennedy’s directorial debut. The film is produced by Rebecca-Clare Evans and also has further diversity within the cast and crew.


The Foreseen is currently in development is also produced by Marcia Do vales and will see a female in the leading role. 


For further information on DGA Inclusion Report please follow the link provided below:



Marcia Do Vales Completes London To Brighton Charity Bike Ride

20 June 2018

We at Templeheart Films are extremely proud of fitness fanatic Marcia’s achievement for such an important cause and through her dedication and commitment she is in the top 100 fundraisers of the British Heart Foundation's 2018 London to Brighton cycle ride.  


What is The London to Brighton Bike Ride? Over 15,000 cyclists ride together to help raise money towards the charity beating heart and circulatory diseases. It’s not about if you come first or last, it’s all about taking part. The ride itself covers 54 miles from Clapham Common to the Brighton Seafront and is Europe’s oldest charity bike ride.

Marcia is also involved in a charity based in her home country, Brazil, helping the families of missing children. Incredibly, according to national records, as many as 50,000 children disappear in Brazil every year, of which, up to 10,000 are never found. 

Marcia is not only a film producer but an extremely talented actress too, receiving great reviews for her role in Ibiza Undead. Marcia also stars in a new supernatural thriller, currently titled Quail Hollow.  


Producer of Templeheart movie The Tombs gains John Brabourne Award

14 June 2018

Since 1924, The Film & Television Charity, formerly the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund, has offered support and financial assistance to those who made the industry what it is today.  The development programme is named in honour of one of Britain’s most prolific producers John Brabourne, with a career spanning four decades and 27 films. Producing some of Britains best cinema including Murder On The Orient Express and Romeo And Juliet, which received five Oscars and a further 21 nominations. 

John Brabourne was passionate about helping people begin their careers in the film industry and also helping them when faced with hardship, a cause he combined with being a trustee of the charity. Keeping a continuation his of his father’s legacy, his son Michael-John Knatchbull is a member of the John Brabourne Awards Committee, which is to provide a stepping stone for individuals who are talented and driven.

Rachel Gold and the other 8 awardees are the first to be supported since the charity relaunched in April and were selected by an industry panel chaired by Film & Television Charity vice president Cameron Saunders. Each person will receive £5,000 to put towards development and post-production costs and Nfts course tuition fees.

Templeheart Films has long been a major supporter of emerging talent, helping many first time producers and directors deliver their first feature film. Rachel Gold joins a growing list of British feature film debutantes through Templeheart that includes Paul Hyett, Marcia Do Vales, Neil Jones, Andy Edwards, Elisar Cabrera, Javier De Prado, Natalie Kennedy and Rebecca Clare Evans.

Rachel is currently working hard on post production of the Templeheart supported movie, 'The Tombs', which is expected to be completed in the coming months.

We would like to congratulate Rachel and the other awardees on this achievement.


What are Inclusion Riders?

06 June 2018

The idea behind the “inclusion rider” originally called “equity rider” is to help to improve and rise the numbers in diversity. It’s suggested that A-List stars should have a clause added to their employment contracts stating that “tertiary speaking characters match the gender distribution of the setting for the film, as long as it’s sensible to the plot.”


After Frances McDormand’s speech, the inclusion rider hit the press and such stars as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brie Larson, Michael B. Jordan and director Paul Feig quickly got behind the cause. WMW C.E.O Ari Emanuel adopted it straight away for his entire company.


It’s very early days, although there have already been calls to major studios to see if they’ve adopted the clause in any of their greenlit projects.


If Hollywood does include this clause, the UK won’t be far behind and rightfully so.  In fact, Labour has drawn up plans that would force film production companies to ensure gender equality and diversity on set, following fresh evidence of the slow pace of change in the movie industry.