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Why Invest in a Film?

Films can generate spectacular returns on investment, over a short to mid term period. Look at the ROI chart at the bottom of this page and see for yourself. The upside potential of film is much greater than most traditional investments such as property and stock market shares.

If you are reading this, it is likely you are already an experienced investor seeking a solution to counter the volatile situation that continues to plague investors since the catastrophic financial events of 2008.

The good news is that films show absolutely no correlation to the financial markets, making them a prized asset, which can help balance your investment portfolio.

The film industry has seen consistent improvement and growth throughout these austere times. In fact, demand has never been higher.

The astonishing growth of online distribution and media companies, coupled with traditional DVD sales and new ways to consume entertainment via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet pcs, has generated a huge demand for quality content.

By utilising the latest advances in digital movie technology and applying modern techniques, independent film makers can now create movies with the look and feel of multimillion pound productions but where the actual production costs are considerably less - thus producing excellent investment opportunities.

All investments involve an element of risk and films are no exception. Risk exposure can be reduced through various due diligence processes including, in depth analysis of the budget, cast, storyline, technical crew, previous genre success and affinity with the latest cinematic trends. Risk can also be mitigated through projects that secure returns through pre-selling the movie.

Film investments do not have to be limited to a singular investment vehicle, i.e putting your money into a film and hoping it proves popular. Templeheart suggest building a portfolio of movies with several producers and offer a wide variety of products ranging from guaranteed profit on short term bridging loans, through to assisting in multimillion dollar financing deals for high net worth individuals.

So what's in it for Templeheart? Improved leverage and risk reduction. By growing our community of members, the films we support get financed and finished more quickly. This lowers individual risk, increases potential for profits and generates a faster turn around on investment for all involved including Templeheart.

Making film investments is a huge topic. We encourage anyone looking to profit from this exciting area to register with Templeheart and find out more. Our service is free and there is never any obligation to invest.

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