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He Who Dares

He Who Dares

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Details and Synopsis

Directed by:
Paul Tanter

Produced by:

Simon Phillips
Toby Meredith


Matthew Williams


Tom Benedict Knight
Zara Phythian
Ewan Ross
Simon Phillips
Christina Bellavia


United Kingdom


April 2014




When the British Prime Minister's daughter is kidnapped, an elite team of SAS soldiers are called upon for a rescue mission. Held captive in an underground car park, fifteen floors deep and a booby trap in every dark corner, Captain Christopher Lowe and his men are caught in a desperate race against time, to rescue her from the clutches of the merciless gang and their psychotic leader. 

He Who Dares is an edge of your seat action thriller filled with non stop action from start to finish. An original British take on commercially successful films such as Die Hard and The Raid.

He Who Dares

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