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Shame the Devil

Shame the Devil

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Details and Synopsis

Directed by:
Paul Tanter

Produced by:

Simon Phillips

Written by:

Paul Tanter


Simon Phillips
Juliette Bennett
Will De Meo
Jack Murray
Lucy Clements
Doug Bradley


London/New York


June 2014



People in London and New York are dying at the hands of a serial killer - one who gives their victims the chance to go free if they tell the truth - and whose victims seem to be somehow linked. London Detective James Trent investigates the murders and finds them leading him to New York, where his former collegue and ex-girlfriend, now a Criminal Pyschologist, is assisting the NYPD with their investigations of the same killings. James and his ex find that they have a personal connection to the victims, and they must figure out who is behind the murders and why, before they find themselves next.

Shame the Devil