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King of the Dead

King of the Dead

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Details and Synopsis

Directed by:
Aiden Belizaire

Produced by:

Northern Girl Productions

Written by:

Rebecca Clare-Evans & Jennifer Chippindale


Siddhartha Barnhoorn


Edward Furlong
Corey Feldman
Jay Sutherland
Theo James
George McCluskey


Somerset in Wells
Shepton Mallett


January 2018 UK




7 days before the new dark moon.

On the outskirts of a tiny village, the army dig in and are authorised to kill any civilian who tries to breach their defences. It appears they are trying to quarantine a rapidly spreading deadly virus.

Trapped within the village, the locals and an unlikely bunch of misfits gaze in amazement as an unidentified lone rider, marches through the town with an odd group of fetid strangers. The group soon realise that these strange looking people bite! - turning the living into the flesh-eating un-dead!

Fleeing for their lives, the remaining humans realise they must unite together in order to survive.

Seeking sanctuary in the local church the group discover a disturbed and frightened Priest.

He babbles of a voodoo master known as ‘Bokor’, a dark demon ‘Kalfu’  and a secret pact with the underworld at the rise of the dark moon.

Can our heroes unravel the clues in time and survive or will a Zombie King rise and rule the earth with his army of possessed? 

Production company: Northern Girl Productions

Northern Girl Productions was formed with the intention to produce The Zombie King as their first full feature length movie production. The company is owned and operated by Rebecca-Clare Evans and Jennifer Chippindale who are both graduates of the Performing Arts and Media from the University of Salford, United Kingdom. 

As actors, writers, schedulers and casting crew, the combination of their skills and experience, as well as their industry contacts, has combined to form a formidable production company.  

Rebecca received 2 award nominations at the Action On Film Festival in the United States for her film ‘The Dinner Party’.

Director: Aiden Belizaire

In 2008 Aidan started his Directing career with a music video. This went on to win awards with Film London, BBC New Talent and the Bruford Enterprise Award.
Since then, he progressed to television, working his way up through BBC, ITV and various independent production companies.
Whilst here he set to prove his Directing ability further and started a personal project, a sci-fi pilot called The Sleeper Effect (due for online release very soon). This was made with a budget of only £76 and has been referenced as potentially one of the best no budget productions ever.
Moving from television to features, Aidan was involved with a few feature length projects prior to accepting the offer to direct The Zombie King. 

The Principle Cast

The Zombie King: Edward Furlong

Edward rose to Hollywood fame, as John Connor in ‘Terminator 2‘. He has worked alongside some of the top people in the business, including Jeff Bridges ‘American Heart‘, Edward Norton ‘American History X‘. His recent credits include ‘The Green Hornet‘, ‘Tequila‘, ‘Below Zero‘ and ‘Stitch‘.

Kalfu: Corey Feldman

A veteran actor of over 80 movies, Corey Feldman is perhaps best known for his roles in ‘The Goonies‘, ‘Stand By Me‘, ‘The Lost Boys‘ and ‘Gremlins‘. Corey has worked extensively in the horror genre.

In 2007 he won The Eyegore award for legendary work in horror films.